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FICS Thought Starter: Envision Your Lasting Impact as a Leader

This quotation by leadership expert John C. Maxwell gets to the heart of leadership, challenging us to look beyond the surface to recognize that true leadership transcends external markers – and, most importantly, can have a profound impact on others.

Here are just a few things to reflect on:

  • As a leader, your actions and words ripple through your team. Your influence extends far beyond your job description.

  • Strong leadership is rooted in connection with others.

  • Authentic leadership fosters trust and loyalty – good leaders take time to listen, mentor, and build relationships.

  • Influence happens through actions that demonstrate integrity, resilience, and empathy.

  • A good leader shows the team how to navigate challenges gracefully. Your team will follow suit.

As you lead, focus on touching lives and inspiring growth while you keep your longer term vision in mind. Consider the legacy you’re creating. What mark will you leave on your team and organization?


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