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We provide support for process development, program review, and complete program management to help you create reputable and strong accreditation standards.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a process in which an independent organization evaluates an educational institution or program to see if they meet pre-determined standards for quality, ethics, and safety.


Accreditation services ensure that institutions provide students and clients with appropriate education and training in their chosen field of study, while also providing assurance that the institution's programs adhere to recognized and rigorous standards.

What FICS Accreditation Services Can Do for Your Business

We combine our vast knowledge of accreditation with our expertise in facilitation to help you take your program, institution, or profession to the next level of success.


We effectively collect input and feedback from various experts in your field to develop a high-quality accreditation program that is relevant, respected, and practical.

FICS Accreditation helps your organization with:


Researching, developing, revising, and streamlining accreditation standards.


Implementing continuous improvement approaches.


Implementing standards and decision-making frameworks.


Creating and revising policies and procedures.


Assisting with appeals, fees, governance, deferrals, management, and human resources support.


Recruiting, training, and managing the professionals who do the accreditation evaluation.

With FICS Accreditation on your organization’s side, you will be able to improve client confidence, increase your client base, and develop a solid reputation for your accreditation program in order to set new standards for quality in your field.

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Our team has helped build and execute successful accreditation programs for our clients in diverse industries such as the Canadian Massage Therapy Council, Humane Canada, Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians, and many others.

Want to learn more about accreditation? We can help with that.

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