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Making workplaces better for everyone, one organization at a time.

Who Are We

Who Are We

We are passionate, courageous, and committed professional Quality Improvement Facilitators. We are on a mission to make workplaces better for everyone, one organization at a time. Our team consists of leaders and educators with vast experience in various sectors, including healthcare, the public school system, non-governmental organizations, corporations, and more. 

Everyone at FICS has undergone rigorous training in the structured facilitative approach to organizational transformation, developed by Kathrina Loeffler — FICS’ founder and Executive Director. This means we can provide you with industry-leading expertise in Facilitation, Management, Leadership Development, and Accreditation. 

We are: 

  • Committed to you and your goals. 

  • Dedicated, hardworking, and passionate. 

  • Experts in Quality Improvement and Risk Management. 

  • Certified Lean Practitioners. 

  • Seasoned leaders with a compelling collaborative outlook. 

Our Vision

Transforming workplace cultures around the world with Passion, Commitment and Courage.

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Why We Do It

All organizations experience difficulties with staff engagement, resource shortages, client demand and process/system inefficiencies. Whether you are a restaurant, retail company, government agency, or private business, our services will bring out the expertise and passion within your organization! We are here to help you build the capacity to function at the highest level over the long term. 

Benefits of choosing FICS: 

  • Organization-wide success, felt by each department. 

  • Increased team engagement. Your team gets to feel the success of their work, not just the responsibility. 

  • Inspire, motivate, and teach your team to seek continuous improvement. 

  • You and the other leaders in your organization are always in full control of any and all changes. 

  • All our services can take your organization on a journey to long-term success. 

Our Promise To You

We will help you build a sustainable organization with engaged staff who are committed to excellence.

The Leaders Behind FICS


Kathrina Loeffler, FICS founder and executive director and her business partner Christian Vulpe are skilled facilitators and leaders. Kathrina’s career has focused on analyzing and managing highly successful teams and organizations and identifying the components that contribute to that success. Christian’s skill lies in creating high-performing teams and great workplaces, facilitated by innovative operational processes. ​

Meet Our Team

Meet The Team

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