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Facilitation, brainstorming, strategic planning


We bring diverse groups of people together to have important discussions that drive action and help your team successfully achieve your organization’s goals.

What is Facilitation?

Effective facilitation brings together diverse groups of people to achieve great results. A skilled facilitator takes care of all the tasks involved in organizing and leading a productive meeting for your staff. This way, you and your team can put all your focus on the meeting’s objectives and spend more time on what you do best.

What FICS Facilitation Services Can Do for Your Business

At FICS, we believe that the key to transformational success lies in the facilitation process.


We are here to help create a positive work environment and guide you through sustainable tools, processes, and best practices so your organization can transform into a highly functioning, efficient, and effective unit.


We are able to provide your organization with first-rate facilitation services as our highly-skilled team of facilitators have successfully completed the rigorous process of getting certified by the International Association of Facilitators.

Currently, FICS specializes in facilitating the following activities:


Operational Planning


Strategic Planning


Powerful team-building


Continous Quality Improvement


LEAN process analyses (a customer-centric approach used to identify, analyze, and improve your current business processes to eliminate waste).

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FICS Facilitation is trusted and relied upon by many reputable organizations across Canada and the Middle East. 

Want to learn more about FICS facilitation? We can help with that.

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