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We provide your organization with comprehensive governance and operations management so you can get back to working on what you do best.

What are Management Services?

Management Services take the responsibility of managing operations off the shoulders of your governing board members and business leaders so they can focus on strategic matters

What FICS Management Services Can Do for Your Business

Whether your organization is just starting out, is going through a time of transition, or is seeking innovative ways to grow, FICS Management can help you.  


Our multi-faceted team with seasoned experience in effective leadership strategies, program management, and Continuous Quality Improvement becomes your team too — so do our office spaces, our boardroom, our equipment, and even our WIFI and coffee.

We provide your organization with unmatched and cost-effective support, including:


Governance Support


Financial Management


Administrative Support


Executive Dictatorship


Communication & Marketing Expertise

At FICS, we operate with integrity, agility, and capacity building top of mind. This means our team works hard to provide versatile, transparent, and innovative management solutions you can trust.

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FICS currently provides our trusted management services to the Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief and the Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation.

Want to learn more about management services? We can help with that.

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