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FICS News: Welcome Nazik Avagyan, Director of Finance

New FICS Director of Finance

Nazik joined the FICS team in January 2024 as Director of Finance. While Nazik will be involved with all aspects of FICS finances, a key area of focus will be empowering our non-profit client, CPAR, through robust financial management. With over 20 years of experience in international development finance, Nazik excels in navigating multi-currency and multi-year projects, overseeing budgets, and delivering meticulous reporting to stakeholders ranging from management and Boards of Directors to various governmental and non-governmental entities.

Nazik's previous experience lies in financial management and analysis in major donor agencies, including the Danish Government, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNICEF, and Canadian Government Agencies and many others. Holding both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Applied Mathematics, complemented with a Master's Degree in Management Sciences, she is dedicated to driving financial efficiency and transparency and facilitating informed decision-making to support FICS and our client's missions with diligence and expertise.

We are thrilled to welcome Nazik to our team!


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