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 I attended a one year, five levels, leadership program conducted by Ms. Kathrina, in the hospital that I am working in, which is Hadi Hospital, in Kuwait. It was very useful and fruitful. I learned a lot and I can say the program was more useful than getting an MBA, since it was very practical, with a lot of exercises, and a continuous constructive feedback on my performance. The program was rich with different subjects, including Self-awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Balanced Scorecard, Team Building, Quality Improvement Projects, Change Management, and many others. It was very beneficial attending the program, and I highly recommend it to others. Ms. Kathrina is a knowledgeable expert, a highly experienced trainer, and a professional facilitator, and I benefited from her experience that made the program very successful.


Adel Ghayad
Biomedical Engineering Manager
Hadi Hospital

Rest assured that the job will be done and more than that, well done. You will always find passion in Kathrina’s work…she will be on-time, on-budget and rigorous… …she will always exceed your expectations– if you ask for “a”, you will get “a, b, and c!

Martin Beaumont



Kathrina is an effective leader, team builder, consistent, dependable and an excellent communicator. Kathrina has made a measurable difference in the programs within Accreditation Canada, and to the resultant client satisfaction..She offers experience, wisdom and excellent leadership and facilitator skills. Kathrina is a true facilitator.


Wendy Nicklin

President and CEO

Accreditation Canada

I have been involved in many facilitated planning sessions and the one led by Kathrina was the most productive and engaging I have experienced. She is a true facilitator, she has a fine-tuned ability to read a group and take direction from them while moving them along to reach conclusions. Her energy is fabulous!


Jean Morrison

President and CEO

St. Paul's Hospital, Saskatoon


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