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Does Hillary Clinton ever cry?

I truly admire people who put themselves in positions where they cannot help but be vulnerable to the opinions of others. When it comes to politics, people seem to be particularly harsh. I have not always been a fan of Hillary Clinton and my American friends would ask me why I even have an opinion. After all, I’m not an American. But the world watches with fear and trepidation because whatever happens in the USA today, on November 8th will have a direct implication on the rest of us in this entire world, no matter where you live. Back to my point….Hillary Clinton. Leaders in North America are leading a certain type of people. People who need leaders but don’t want leaders. People who feel entitled to do their own thing, no matter what the consequences. We have an epidemic of bad leadership but when, by chance or circumstance, we are led by a leader that is half decent we make their lives miserable. It seems that if you are in a position of leadership people feel that they have a right to make every effort to destroy you. Now, I am not arguing that leaders haven’t been doing that for centuries to those that they lead—but those are bad leaders and those leaders should be taken out! Unfortunately, in our corrupt thinking we tend to respect bully leaders, even if we don’t like them. Take Trump…. But good leaders seem to fall trap to others that are jealous of their success or want more control of what they don’t have. The people who appreciate them and know that they are good leaders are not strong enough to support the good leaders while they are still good! While they still have the strength to endure the criticism and nastiness that is tossed at them. Take Sophie Trudeau. Kind, beautiful, well-intentioned, wanting another nanny. The wife of the Prime-Minister of Canada, our first lady asking for another nanny? Mila Mulroney would never have asked. She had a slew of support and didn’t blink an eye. As a result of that request, Sophie Trudeau has had to endure reams of criticism that, quite honestly, is ridiculous. But back to Hillary. Hillary Clinton has, quite possibly, had to endure the most difficult presidential campaign in the history of the USA. She is competing against a very high-powered, egotistical business man whose success was not likely achieved without some blood on his hands—the blood of many that worked for him. I know that Hillary has been accused of corruption but the depth of what she has done with emails cannot possibly compare to that which has been done by Trump, please be reasonable. My father used to say that a man cannot talk with a forked tongue. He cannot speak and behave one way with one group of people and another with another group and be the same man. We all heard the recordings—why are some still ignoring the evidence? It’s either fear or admiration. Human nature both fears and admires a bully both in big politics and small politics. They are everywhere. So, I want to know how Hillary does it. How does she continue day after day competing against this man? What stamina she must have, what courage. What she is going through is not for the faint of heart. I don’t believe she is doing it for money or fame because it must be exhausting and yes, it must be hard on her health—and that, is not weakness. She is incredible. She stays rational and strong despite all that is happening and all that is thrown in her face. She keeps smiling and it seems genuine. I hope that in the privacy of her family she takes the time to cry because we know it’s cathartic, we know it washes and heals the soul and we also know that it is vital that “they never see you cry.” What a world we live in… In a world where many, many women refuse positions of leadership for the reasons that Hillary is experiencing, she is showing our sons and daughters that there is hope. In a nation that should be progressive, she is a beacon of strength. Keep going Hillary! I admire you. You are the epitome of professionalism and despite your error in ever being friends with the Trumps, you have shown that despite the hatred, you will lead with love and respect.