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Grow. Lead. Transform.

We help organizations excel by providing transformational, sophisticated, and seasoned facilitation and management services

Our Clients

Trusted by over 30+ clients

Our Services

Full Service Corporate Growth Agency

We are practical. We want our clients to be able to implement every ideas, processes or standard we collaborate on, to make their workplace better and to be more successful.

FICS Accreditation

We provide support with process development, program review, and complete program management to help ensure your accreditation program is reputable and strong.

FICS Facilitation

We help you effectively bring together diverse groups of people to have important discussions that drive action and help your team successfully achieve your organization’s goals.

FICS Development

We develop facilitative and strong leaders who empower your team with strategic vision, clear accountabilities, and the resources needed to help your company thrive.

FICS Managment

We provide your organization with comprehensive governance and operations management support and enable you to get back to working on what you do best.

Why Choose Us

Efficient & Practical Services

Because of our team’s vast experience across a variety of sectors, we deeply understand how issues like low staff engagement, resource shortages, inability to keep up with high client demand, and process/system inefficiencies plague all types of organizations.


That’s why our expert team develops practical and efficient services to help your organization overcome any issues so your team can consistently operate at a high level


What Our Clients Say

We were too small to attract the management and program expertise on our own. By leveraging its association management model, FICS has been able to update CPAR's operations, including significant improvements to its financial and program management.

Judith Dyck

Chair of the Board of Directors, CPAR

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