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We maximize your organization’s success by turning your team into facilitative leaders and cultivating a positive and productive workplace.

What is Leadership Training & Organization Development?

Leadership Training focuses on building up and supporting your staff team to transform them into strong leaders who inspire, motivate, and produce results.

Organizational Development is the process of analyzing how your organization works with the goal of making changes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your team and workplace.

These two business tools can be used to bring your organization closer to achieving its goals.

What FICS Leadership Training & Organization Development Can Do for Your Business

If you are looking for leadership support, organizational improvement, or both­—our distinct facilitative approach to building successful, productive, and healthy leaders and work environments can equip your business with the skills and resources needed to help you thrive.

With FICS Leadership Training and/or Organizational Development services, your organization will develop leaders and processes capable of:


Effectively boosting staff engagement and workplace happiness.


Maximizing your company’s resources.


Managing change and improving current processes and practices.


Building strong and healthy working relationships.


Creating a more resilient team.


Powerfully moving the needle on your organization’s goals.

FICS Leadership Training

We create customized leadership training programs for your organization so that your leaders can learn relevant, practical, and strong leadership strategies that can push your organization forward.

If your organization is looking for an advanced leadership training program, we offer a year-long five-module course. Here, we go into depth on our client-favourite lessons, such as, Becoming a Facilitative Leader and Managing Across Culture.

After each lesson, your leaders will walk away with useful tools they can immediately put to the test.

FICS Organizational Development

At FICS, we offer a full range of organizational development services that improve efficiency at every level of your company.


These services include:

  • Organizational governance

  • Functional review services

  • Strategic planning

  • Change management.

Our end goal is to ensure your organization has what it needs to foster a healthy work environment that promotes continuous improvement.

Office Scene

We are proud of the improvements our clients have seen after we provided our Leadership Training and/or Organizational Development services.

Want to learn more about accreditation? We can help with that.

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