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FICS Capsule Program

Living, working and leading for success!

FICS Learning Capsules are practical sessions that give you what you need to get great jobs, keep great jobs and lead and grow in the workplace. We’ve been doing this in Canada and internationally for a long time, and we know what works when it comes to work. Now we want to share it with you!


There are six capsules in total. Sign up for as many or as few as you like, depending what you’re looking for.


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FICS Learning Capsules boost your ability to find fulfilling work and live a satisfying and productive work life. We can increase your success rates at getting great jobs, keeping great jobs, and leading and growing in the workplace.


Each capsule provides tools and skills that you can start using immediately. And we know you will enjoy the learning process. Our capsules are designed by professionals who focus on making sure the time you spend with us is practical, personal, and taps into your desire to learn and grow. Let us be part of your journey to succeed in an increasingly complex world. FICS will help you to find your niche, stand out, and unlock the secrets to success.


We have lots of experience teaching and mentoring others to help them thrive in the workplace. FICS facilitators are Ontario Certified Teachers, Certified John Maxwell Affiliate members, and/or Certified Professional Facilitators.


Each Learning Capsule is six hours and takes place on three evenings over three consecutive weeks. We’re located in downtown Toronto, easily accessible by transit. Your chance for success is only a streetcar away!

Get the right job

Capsule 1

Boost your ability to get that great job! Learn how to search for jobs that match your skills and write applications that attract positive attention. Develop and practice interview skills that capture an employer’s attention and play to your strengths.

Know your strengths


Capsule 2

Learn your strengths and celebrate the value you bring. Tap into those strengths to help you communicate and work more effectively. This capsule is about finding your niche and maximizing your potential in the workplace.

Excel at your job


Capsule 3

On the job or in life, EI or emotional intelligence is even more important than IQ when it comes to success. Learn how to develop your EI to increase your opportunities for success. You’ll be able to connect with your colleagues better and strengthen your communication skills so you can understand others and be clearly understood. EI arms us all for success!

Connect across cultures


Capsule 4

Increase your opportunities for success by developing your ability to work effectively with everyone in the workplace. Develop your skills to connect across cultures and unlock the secrets to entering and succeeding in Canadian workplaces.

Manage your boss


Capsule 5

Develop your skills to work most effectively with your boss. Seek and keep the (positive!) attention of your boss, and discover and live up to their expectations. Become the star employee you know you are and be happier and more successful at work.

Grow the leader within you


Capsule 6A or 6B

Leadership skills are for everyone! When you understand the skills of highly effective leaders, you can use them to motivate and engage others and create high functioning teams. Develop and practice that magic touch that leads to sustainable success.

A) Lead from where you are and be recognized as a leader. This capsule is for those who want to be leaders but are not yet in a formal leadership position.

B) Improve your leadership skills and grow further. This capsule is for current leaders who want to boost their leadership skills and be more effective.

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