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Accreditation Program Development and Management

Program specific and organizational Accreditation can take education programs and professions to the next level of success.  FICS has the expertise to develop and manage customized accreditation programs that meet the specific needs of a profession.


FICS facilitates, researches and develops standards that support a culture of quality improvement. The process to develop the accreditation program includes involving experts representative of the entire profession to provide input and feedback on the accreditation program so that a standardized program is relevant, practical and reliable.

Our Process Fundamentals



Creating a series of standards is dependent on gathering information from industry professionals; from the top of a company to the bottom. FICS expertly navigates the process to allow all voices to be heard.



To build an accreditation process, FICS does a deep dive into the background of the industry. Understanding the industry is critical in building a comprehensive program and FICS doesn’t miss a thing.



An accreditation program is developed, designed and collaborated on with several iterations. Working with key stakeholders, FICS edits and refines a program to it’s essential parts creating a program that is relevant, practical and reliable.

Accreditation Program Results



An Accreditation program needs to be relevant to the time, industry and participants. When an accreditation program is developed all of this is taken into consideration so that only the best standards are put forward.



The standards are designed to be practical and achievable for anyone involved. FICS works hard to develop a rigorous but prosperous Accreditation program for their partners and the participants.



FICS is committed to developing an Accreditation program that catered to their clients. We'll be with you every step of the way during the implementation of the program and we'll provide support when you need it. 


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