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Making workplaces better for everyone, one organization at a time.

Who Are We

Facilitated Improvement for Corporate Success (FICS) helps organizations excel by providing transformational, sophisticated, and seasoned management support to grow, or to change the way they operate. We provide hands-on management services as well as leadership training, coaching, and mentoring for governing boards and leadership teams. ​


Our structured approach transforms organizations and builds their capacity to create cultures that are agile, engaging, and sustainable. We represent multiple sectors and have worked with clients from large insurers and health centers, to smaller non-profit and charitable organizations.

Our Promise To You

A transformed, sustainable organization with engaged staff committed to excellence​

The Leaders Behind FICS


Kathrina Loeffler, FICS founder and executive director and her business partner Christian Vulpe are skilled facilitators and leaders. Kathrina’s career has focused on analyzing and managing highly successful teams and organizations and identifying the components that contribute to that success. Christian’s skill lies in creating high-performing teams and great workplaces, facilitated by innovative operational processes. ​

Meet Our Team

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