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Who we are

Making workplaces better for everyone, one organization at a time.

FICS consultants are professional Quality Improvement facilitators committed to lifelong learning. They are seasoned leaders and educators that come from a variety of sectors including health care, public school system, non-government organizations, corporations, etc. All FICS facilitators have been rigorously trained in the structured facilitated approach to organizational transformation developed by Kathrina Loeffler, Founder and Executive Director, FICS.


We are:

  • Committed to you and your goals

  • Dedicated/hard working/passionate

  • Quality Improvement and Risk Management expertise

  • Certified Lean Practitioners

  • Seasoned Leadership expertise

  • Collegial attitudes guaranteed to engage

Why we do it

It doesn’t matter what sector you work in, all organizations experience difficulties with staff engagement, resource shortages, client demand and process/system inefficiencies. You could be a restaurant, retail company, government or private business, whatever your sector, our services will bring out the expertise and passion in your organization, building capacity to function at the highest level over the long term!


Benefits of working with us:

  • Organization-wide, felt by each department and celebrated by the organization

  • Inspire and motivate for improvement and enhance engagement of those who do the work

  • Turns not only the responsibility but also the success to those who experience it, those who carry out the work in their day-to-day lives

  • Implementation is propelled by ownership and being part of the solution(s)

  • It’s in the empowerment that Lean and Effective leadership lead to success

  • Motivate, reward and lead to results

  • All of the FICs components, including the leadership and lean support and training and the highly effective facilitation skills, take organizations along a journey to success

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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